About RMBL

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RMBL is an AFS licensed contributory mortgage investment manager.

Its qualified team has a depth of knowledge that has allowed it to operate successfully for over 55 years.


RMBL has been in operation since 1960. 

In 2000, RMBL established the RMBL Mortgage Income Investments Scheme.

On 11 March 2002 the provisions of the Financial Services Reform Act (“FSRA”) came into force.  The Act was passed by Parliament on 23 August 2001 and commenced on 11 March 2002, with a two year transitional period for participants in the industry to make the transition from their current regulatory structure to the single licensing and product disclosure regime required under FSRA.  The FSRA and its regulations have made consequential amendments to the Corporations Act and its regulations, and came into full effect on 11 March 2004.

On 15 October 2002 RMBL was issued with an Australian Financial Services Licence which allows it to operate the Scheme. The latest Product Disclosure Statement (contact RMBL to obtain a copy) provides information to Members about the Scheme.

RMBL has built a reputation for delivering excellent and friendly service. The head office is located in Dandenong, the heart of Melbourne’s industrial south east district.

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