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Information for Members

Securing membership of the Scheme and investment of your funds is completed in two stages.

Stage One - Application and Registration
Stage Two - Investment in a Sub-Scheme

Stage One - Application and Registration

To invest with RMBL we ask that you read the current Product Disclosure Statement (contact RMBL to obtain a copy) and then complete the Application Form (which accompanies the Product Disclosure Statement), Identification Check requirements and and Waiver and return all forms to us with your funds.

Alternatively, you can speak with one of RMBL’s team members on 03 9213 5700, or email our Investment Team at

Upon receipt of the Application Form, Identification Check and Waiver with your funds, your funds will be held in the Trust Account with the Bank pending Stage Two.

Stage Two - Investment in a Sub Scheme

Upon completion of Stage One, and subject to availability, RMBL will offer you a Sub Scheme or multiple Sub Schemes in which to invest. RMBL will forward you a Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement (SPDS) with a consent form detailing the information of one or more Sub Schemes. One SPDS will only relate to one Sub Scheme.

The Consent Form(s) must be returned to RMBL within five working days from the date of receipt. Upon receipt of the Consent Form(s), your funds will be allocated to your nominated Sub Scheme(s) and at that time, you will start to earn the interest rate applicable to that Sub Scheme(s).

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