Information you can expect to receive from RMBL?


Confirming receipt of your funds for investment.

Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement (SPDS) and Consent Form

Providing details of the Sub Scheme offered to you, along with the Consent Form which must be completed and returned to RMBL within 5 working days from the date of receipt for allocation to the Sub Scheme.

The SPDS will contain information such as:

(a) Details of the Borrower;
(b) The amount of the Loan advance to be advanced to the Borrower;
(c) The Commencement Date of the Sub Scheme;
(d) The Due Date of the Sub Scheme;
(e) The Lower and Higher Rate of interest payable;
(f) How interest will be calculated;
(g) When interest will be paid;
(h) Details of the Sub Scheme Property;
(i) The name of the valuer, the value of Sub Scheme Property, the relevant date and the basis of the valuation;
(j) The applicable LVR;
(k) The Type of Sub Scheme Property;
(l) Insurance particulars for the Sub Scheme Property (if applicable);
(m) Statement regarding the Borrower’s creditworthiness;
(n) Reference to the Loan documents executed by the Borrower;
(o) Fees charged to the Borrower.

The SPDS may contain other information that is relevant to a Sub Scheme.

Declaration of Trust

Confirmation that RMBL stands possessed of your funds along with the Mortgage documents specific to your nominated Sub Scheme on trust for you.

Interest Statement

This will be forwarded to you whenever interest is distributed to you. You may request a statement for any other period.

Annual Tax Statement

RMBL will provide a statement to you showing the amount of interest received during the relevant financial year.

Investment Summary

Upon request, RMBL will prepare a list of Sub Schemes where your funds are invested.

Notification of Default

If there is an event of default by a Borrower, you will be informed in writing of the default and the steps that RMBL is undertaking to rectify the default.

Interest Rate Change Advice

You will be advised within 7 working days of a change to the variable interest rate.

Members Newsletter

Made available on our website on a quarterly basis.  A hard copy is available on request.

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